Round 1: Me vs JFK Airport

8 07 2007

What better place to start a travel blog then while waiting in the boarding area for your flight? Admittedly, though I am writing this while sitting at Gate 12 of New York’s JFK International Airport, the actual posting won’t happen until later. Newark (New Jersey) may be a hellhole of an airport, but at least they didn’t have the nerve to try and charge me 10 bucks to try and connect to the internet. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that that it’s not the only rip-off… they tried to charge me a dollar and nine cents for a box of tic tacks.

Ok, time to leave all that behind for a moment and do the obligatory introduction. If you’ve been keeping track of my posts over at the Broadside Blog, you can probably skip this paragraph. My name is Aram Zucker-Scharff. I’m a Junior at George Mason University, majoring in English and Information Technology. I’m male, Jewish, liberal. Oh, and a New Yorker. I think that covers all the labels.

I’m going to be spending the next month (give or take a few days) in the United Kingdom, living around the London area. I’m here for four weeks of lectures at Cambridge University’s International Summer School (Literature section). After that the program with Mason includes a London Week: a week spent in Chelsea in a flat during which we are free to basically do whatever we want, within the whole contract thing I signed with the Center for Global Education at Mason.

And that’s the deal.

Now, I have to get back to my books. We were supposed to have done all the reading for the classes beforehand, and I’m not quite done. 😉



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