Twitter Updates for 2011-02-25

25 02 2011
  • One simple technique to help you find local people on Twitter – #
  • Matt Wells on The Guardian’s interactive protests Twitter map #
  • Hyperlocal pioneer downsizes after just six months #
  • The three laws of display advertising physics #
  • WordPress 3.1 Goes Live: Here’s What’s New #
  • Apple drops iAd pricing #
  • How to make a YouTube clip look better on your site. #
  • Screen Publishing #
  • College coaches' fat paychecks stir controversy #
  • RT @journalismnews ‘Bloggable’ follows ‘paywall’ and ‘tweetup’ into OED #
  • Some Portal techno to start off your morning. Along with a pretty awesome video. Raise your hand if you can't wa… ♫ #
  • Oh … @Yahoo is discontinuing MyBlogLog says my e-mail. Waiiiit a sec. Didn't they do that already? A year ago? Or they just let it die. #
  • @alexpriest Good luck! #
  • Yahoo to Shutdown MyBlogLog #
  • @nitesh_arora Everyone I know who uses it loves it. I like to get my hands a bit more dirty though and just run my own server. #
  • Ugh… Upromise is practically useless. Over a year of using the service and I've earned a grand total of $14.11. #
  • Larry King tells Piers Morgan to his face: You're not dangerous. Morgan responds by being fawning. #
  • Could Get Ugly: Rolling Stone Says Army Deployed ‘PsyOps’ To Influence Senators #
  • The game I've been looking forward to forever – Deus Ex Human Revolution hands on: the first three hours #
  • Keith Olbermann Re: Current TV: “I’m In Charge” #
  • Composing sponsored Tweets. Rather enjoying it. Post on all this to come. #
  • I earned the Lurker sticker on @GetGlue! #
  • I earned the Lurker sticker on @GetGlue! #
  • @eidosmontreal The release date for Deus Ex 3 is March 08 right? Oddly Amazon just started listing it as Dec. 31 #
  • @eidosmontreal Oh. Did not realize that. Amazon had a March date before and March 8 is listed as release on one of the reviews. #
  • In case you can't tell from my tweets, I am super excited for Deus Ex 3. I'm going to pre-order the Augmented Edition #
  • Does anyone else find the way the gChat turns smiley faces over indescribably creepy? #
  • Where digital natives roam, paper and pencil have a place, too – #
  • Oh wow… I completely never noticed before that there was an arrow between the E and the X in the FedEx logo. #
  • Good Spots for Finding Fonts #
  • Visualized: Android activations mapped geographically, chronologically, breathtakingly #
  • How to Control Multiple Computers with a Single Keyboard and Mouse (via @Lifehacker) #
  • An Insider’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette #
  • After Twitter, LinkedIn Now Also Blocked In China #
  • Can we incorporate music into the browser experience? Can we use it to bring participants to attention? #
  • @grahamguy Yeah, auto-play on websites=awful. I'm just thinking, there should be a way to increase information output without being annoying #
  • @grahamguy Exactly! I'm not entirely sure what the best way to execute it would be, but I think there has to be some potential there. #
  • @grahamguy Yeah, going to play with the idea more in future posts too. #
  • Links 2-24-11: WordPress 3.1, iAds continue to fail, Keith Olbermann, Goodbye MyBlogLog – #

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