Twitter Updates for 2011-03-29

29 03 2011
  • WP ombud’s email about website redesign runs 8 to 1 negative #
  • How to Work Around the New York Times' 20-Article-per-Month Paywall [Free] #
  • @JosephStash I think it is useful if training takes the form of guidelines and critiques. You can't just sit down in front of a powerpoint #
  • @IsCool 🙂 #
  • IRS Agent Puts Guy In Jail For ‘Stated Income’ Mortgage, Because of Documentary About Charity Run #
  • @theindustryx @iamalexander @Chronotope @mafalicious @rob_e_smith @monroehaus Oh hey, those are pretty nifty. Everyone looks good. #
  • Re: Creepy Creeper of the Day – The Daily What #
  • Signs you need a Social Media Detox [Infographic] #
  • @Jeffachoo I thought it was good, but not amazing. Oddly, I had to watch the movie for an art of film class. #
  • @acarvin It's amusing that the list is ranked by number of votes, without counting if they are positive or negative. #
  • @corybe Think about it this way: Just 10 people getting paid $50,000 a year without benefits is already half a million. #
  • @corybe Right, but there's also rent, servers, and other expenses. Besides, programmers are expensive. It's a big sum, but not unreasonable. #
  • LinkedIn is freaking out today. #
  • @wisestamp Is there some way to set it up so that users who can't include HTML in their e-mails see a different signature? Odd replies. #
  • @jeffachoo Perhaps because it won a bunch of rewards? I wasn't entirely clear on the reason. #

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