Twitter Updates for 2011-03-31

31 03 2011
  • Approval rating falls 32% RT @politico: Poll: Americans cooling on tea party. #
  • Google Street View invades historic landmarks, makes it unnecessary for you to ever leave the house #
  • How To Start Your Own Local News Site: Tips From a Berkeleyside Co-Founder #
  • How to create a time-lapse video of a Wikipedia page (or any website) #
  • Jon Stewart Was NOT Impressed With President Obama’s Libya Speech #
  • Public meeting held about proposed overpass near campus #
  • Press-Stifling Dictator Wins Journalism Award [Irony] #
  • Juicy Bits of Revenue without Paying for It #
  • The Dangers of Distance: How to Get Grounded in Social Media #
  • The Daily Click: Favorite College Courses (Video) #
  • Ricky Gervais' guide to creative tyranny – #
  • @jillfoster I'm not really impressed with any of the administrations attempts to justify #Libya . I don't think he's made a convincing case. #
  • @kierduros Especially considering the author, @laurenmichell , is planning her own start up – #
  • @lastfm You guys need to get on the whole Amazon Cloud Player thing. It would be awesome if I could scrobble plays from there. #
  • Multisite Plugin Manager: An Essential Free Tool for Every WordPress Network #
  • Towards Videogame Aesthetics III: Against Interpretation #
  • "I don't want to be a superhero" – An argument against gamification. #
  • Cloud Storage Faceoff: Windows Live SkyDrive vs. Dropbox vs. Amazon Cloud Drive [Lifehacker Faceoff] #
  • Why the New York Times' Pay Model is Similar to NPR and Spot.Us #
  • Bold: A CV/Resume Template for Smart Professionals #
  • #Tip of the day from – live tweeting #
  • What’s Project Thunderdome, you ask? Inside Jim Brady’s new job at Journal Register Company #
  • So does his new project mean that @jimbradysp's title at Journal Register will be Master Blaster? #
  • I'm looking for a gallery (script, plugin, whatever) that, when you navigate to images, creates a unique URL for each image view. Any ideas? #
  • Why Michelle Rhee Supports Teachers' Right to Collective Bargaining #
  • When programming I prefer variables that mean something as opposed to half-ass commenting. Friggin code. #
  • Meet +1: Google’s Answer To The Facebook Like Button #
  • Twitter Murder Mystery Taking Place Online Tonight – #
  • Internet Transparency: A Chat With Buster Benson of 750words. #
  • RT @smcdc @myimpact concept was born out of Tweet What You Eat by 2 college kids-every startups panel needs 2 kids in dorm room story #smcdc #
  • Weird is: Being logged out of Twitter and seeing @dancohen on Top Tweets, right under @CarlieeSheen #
  • @samplereality Reading about Paradata, paracinema, paragames on your site. Instantly thought about Crap Shoot- -Seen it? #
  • @pbsmediashift I'm looking forward to it too! I couldn't remember if I RSVPed and was just about to do so. I guess I already did and forgot? #
  • Daily wrap-up: Google wants to +1 your life, More weirdly named local journalism, Why gamification is worse – #
  • As I stumble through literature, a thought: With students on the web at younger and younger ages is it possible to see groups learn? #
  • @dancohen Sadly, it reads as an invalid file when I try to download it. #
  • @dancohen The torrent? I figured I could just leach, seed and worry about the SQL stuff later. #
  • @samplereality @dancohen @mcburton – Got it, that link to the torrent works for me. Downloading now. I'll leave it seeding when done. #
  • @samplereality Also on paradata, have you seen Generates metadata about writing, mindset, view, concerns, maturity, emotions #
  • @samplereality Concur. Didn't make it a whole month. Now, though it's cheating, I'll sometimes drop my posts or comments in to see metadata. #
  • Upper Deck introduces the world’s first video trading cards – #
  • CIA 'gathering intel firsthand' in Libya, source says – #

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