Twitter Updates for 2011-06-03

3 06 2011
  • Windows 8 'sneak previews' given #
  • Exclusive CEO First Look: Klout’s +K influence vouching #
  • How to Add the Google +1 Button To Your WordPress Site #
  • Mark Taylor Calls for Reform in American Universities #
  • Ohio State Lantern Editor Threatened Over Story Helping Seal Tressel’s Fate #
  • U.S. Universities as Foreign Places #
  • It may be time to upgrade my blog to 3.1. I both fear and loathe the process. #
  • @nclarkjudd The problem is upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1 has about a 50% chance to break everything >.< #
  • @nclarkjudd Nah, It'll be easier to fix everything that breaks, thanks though. Mby I'll set up a test that way. Why'd you switch from TP? #
  • New: License YouTube Videos Under Creative Commons #
  • @nclarkjudd Makes more sense than Drupal IMO. Unless you are really taking advantage of the functionality its not worth the time. #
  • @helenhousandi Oh man, then I'll really break my site. #
  • @nclarkjudd I feel like Txp has a lot of unrecognized potential. I maintain a site on the system and enjoy it. #
  • @helenhousandi 3.0.something. Everytime I update, plugins break, I now try to wait a while to give devs a chance to catch up. #
  • @helenhousandi I really wish they'd trunk WordPress so I could get security updates without the regular radical changes to the core code. #
  • @williampd @helenhousandi Yes, that's true, good plugin devs do that. Unfortunately not all my plugins are by good plugin devs. 🙁 #
  • @ryancduff @williampd @helenhousandi The latest 3.0. Will roll the dice today and fix whatever pops up. If nothing breaks, perhaps I'll beta #
  • @williampd @ryancduff @helenhousandi Of course. I'd heard some nasty upgrade stories from 3.0 to 3.1, which is what made me wary. #
  • @ryancduff @williampd @helenhousandi For others, I don't know. My own concern is from seeing 3.1 themes and plugins not compatible with 3.0 #
  • Ok, I wrote a boring job description. Now time to rewrite it into a fun job opportunity. #
  • @williampd @ryancduff @helenhousandi Oh, I know. I've plenty of experience though with stuff that isn't backwards compatible to 3.0 though. #
  • @williampd @ryancduff @helenhousandi Well, upgrade complete. Looks like I've come through error-free! #
  • Looking forward to #thatcamp tomorrow. Let's see if I can finish enough work to go to The Well tonight. #
  • Huh… now what I need is to to build a box for my social sharing buttons. Individual plugins are a pain. #

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