Twitter Updates for 2011-06-09

9 06 2011
  • WordPress rolls out Twitter and Facebook comments options #
  • Can’t Make This Up: ‘WeinerGate’ Girl Voted ‘Most Likely To Be Involved In Tabloid Scandal’ In High School #
  • Feed by Mira Grant: The best combination of blogging, journalism fiction and zombies you will ever read. #
  • Quickly Clone and Migrate WordPress Sites with the Duplicator Plugin #
  • How to interview part 1: six tips on face-to-faces #
  • The NYT rewards its paying users with subscriber-only content #
  • Understanding Games: Writing about Writing in Games – #
  • @samplereality It is really cool the way you have the tweets archived in WordPress. Is it just Twitter tools and a theme? #
  • @samplereality It's on my to-try list as well. I've been using Sweetcron since 2008 and it just broke on me, so I need to get something soon #
  • 'Right click to preview' is my new favorite time-saving feature in gMail. #
  • A post #THATCamp idea: What do people think about dropping the shared Google Doc notes into an epub and distributing for free on Amazon? #
  • Thinking about Shazam, audio tagging and the potential for creative use – #

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