Twitter Updates for 2011-08-31

31 08 2011
  • Three Ways To Use Storify’s New Slideshow Feature #
  • Kentucky Restricts Student Newspaper Access to Basketball Team in Response to Report About Walk-Ons #
  • Our Robots #
  • Tool of the week for journalists – ifttt, a promising app for dealing with data #
  • The Digital Game Museum Makes An Appearance At PAX (Matthew Hawkins) #
  • Deus Ex tops UK chart #
  • First Digital Lit, First Video Game? #
  • Twitter takes boldest step yet in Washington #
  • 12 hour day. One big Welcome Week event down, one humongous Welcome Week event to go. Whew #gmu #
  • @yasmintadjdeh Nice to have you back! #
  • I need a better tool for managing (creating/modifying) Twitter lists. Any ideas? #
  • Oh hey… that's sort of cool. #bluehost found a timthumb script I had forgotten to update and updated it for me. That's nice of them. #
  • @helenhousandi I think once you get locked into the system, it would take too long for it to be worth switching. #
  • @andrea_r That's great for looking at the tweets but I'd like to look at the folks I'm following + see what lists they are in at a glance. #
  • @helenhousandi Yeah, it goes w/Esperanto in 'Things that totally make sense if only everyone wasn't too busy to learn them from scratch.' 🙂 #
  • @helenhousandi Yeah, an awesome idea. Shatner filmed a movie in it . Too bad no one has the time to learn the language. #
  • Amazon is testing a slick new site design, built with tablets in mind (Matt Brian/The Next Web) #
  • @nakeva I suspect it's because Dropbox is pretty awesome. 🙂 #
  • @nakeva I've been using it a lot for design projects with big files. I've also been using it to sync files between home and work computers. #
  • Ok… stumbled my way on to Stellar. Are you on there? Send me a link so I can follow you. #
  • @alexpriest I hope the weather stays like this forever. Can we do that? #
  • @nakeva I use it for both. The most use is probably for coordinating who I hire or contract. Designers and videographers most of all. #
  • @nakeva Yeah, its simplicity is definitely an asset for folks who aren't very into tech. #
  • @jimmacmillan Dogs have the best lawyers. The dogs find them through all their Twitter and Facebook profiles. 😉 #
  • @nakeva The latest version of Adobe Bridge is useful for performing batch actions and organizing lots of photos. #
  • @nakeva And running XAMPP as a local server is absolutely essential for web design. Huge time saver. #
  • Weirdest politically correct marketing phrase? Changing "pet owner" to "pet parent." #saywhat #

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