Twitter Updates for 2011-09-22

22 09 2011
  • .@samplereality @boone I concur. I concur. I concur. #blackboardsucks #
  • @samplereality The information is publicly available somewhere. I saw it floating around a while back. It is a very large amount. #
  • @samplereality I can't seem to find it again. :/. Mason is a public university though, so that info is always just a FOIA away. #
  • @samplereality I've never met a #GMU student who didn't complain mightily about both Blackboard and tuition hikes. #
  • @d00biesnb00bies Where are they protesting? #
  • @the_copyeditor That is a surprisingly misleading title for the actual content of the article. :/ #
  • @kelshew And pizza, bagels and knishes. 😛 #
  • RT @jonsimkins13: Just walked by two dudes snuggling in their car in the GMU parking lot. Tinted windows guys #cmonman !! #
  • @the_copyeditor That people get unreasonably crazy about something that's always been around being on Twitter because of Twitter? Absolutely #

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