Twitter Updates for 2011-09-07

7 09 2011
  • @eric_andersen No I am not, but I am now! Nice to meet you @AnneWeiskopf following you now. I like your blog. #intro #
  • @ashpanic Ooo, contracts about what? The huge project at work is over, so I'm back online to work on the layout. Should have stuff up soon. #
  • @ashpanic Oooh. Very cool! NMM going to register as a business? I recommend doing so in Delaware, less taxes. #
  • Social Media's Slow Slog Into the Ivory Towers of Academia – The Atlantic: via @AddThis #
  • RT @talan: The Mechanic Muse — From Scroll to Screen: #
  • I should do a webinar called "How to use Google to answer all your questions." Only how would all the people who need it be able to find it? #
  • RT @suzanneyada: RT @jxav: In which Mike Arrington threatens to take his ball and go home: #
  • finished Dream Park by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes #Kindle #

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