The View From This Afternoon

8 07 2007

So, getting through the seven hour flight was the easy part. England’s train system, while expansive, can be a little confusing, even to a seasoned train rider like myself. However, I was (with a little help) able to plot a course and find a machine that would take my debt card. I left Gatwick and hit up King’s Cross. There I had to sort through a long list of trains. Then, I had to hunt down my own, making my way through a large and grandly old station.

If you were wondering, after the Harry Potter incident, they now have properly labeled platform 9 and 3/4.

Finally, after one unlabeled train, a pleasant trip, and an unexpected bus transfer due to rail issues, I finally arrived for Check-In (Approx. 12:30, without my cell, I have no portable way to tell the time), at Lady Mitchell. The walk from the Hall, around which our classes are held, to the St. Catharine’s College residence hall is about five minutes, but the walk is filled with quite a bit of scenery.

Finally, I made it to my room. Fantastic, I think I’ll stay here forever. It has a goodly amount of closet space, a whole bunch of shelves, a closet, a nice bed and work area, A complementary water heater… oh and a full bathroom, including a rather large bath. This is what is outside my window:

Pretty nifty eh? Let me tell you, I think I should stay here forever. Think Mason will let me extend my class schedule to stay here for the rest of my education. But then again, perhaps I’m speaking to soon… classes start tomorrow.

Oh and Breakfast is at 7:45… so… early…