Texas employers struggling with unemployment taxes, claims – UPIU.com

16 06 2010

With unemployment rates remaining high and payroll taxes on the rise, employers bear the burden of supporting an increasingly expensive unemployment system.

Journalism in China – Going Global at Peking University | Building the J-Future

18 05 2010

We talk about the Going Global international workshop program, journalism outside the US and the core principles that make a good journalist.

Beyond the Organic Shadow – UPIU.com

18 05 2010

Arizona’s Local Government Ignores the Importance of Higher Education – UPIU.com

4 05 2010

CollegeJourn | An Ongoing Discussion of College Journalism

18 04 2010

Go International with Charles Sennott and GlobalPost | Building the J-Future

13 04 2010

Charles Sennott, a co-founder of GlobalPost, has advice and opportunities for students interested in becoming foreign correspondents.

Boolean Logic: How to Search the Web | Building the J-Future

13 04 2010

In the information age, nothing is more important than the ability to find and filter information, here are some ways to make that easy.

UPIU Featured by the Society of Professional Journalists | Building the J-Future

6 04 2010

UPIU was featured by a regular column in the Society for Professional Journalists’ online Quill magazine. The topic was “sites help students build portfolios.”

The Problem With the Performance Tax [Featured on UPIU] | Building the J-Future

1 04 2010

Ryan Murphy wrote a great article about the performance tax, looking at how it would change the industry and affect broadcasters.

Filtering and User Engagement with Chrys Wu | Building the J-Future

29 03 2010

In the second UPIU podcast, I talk with Chrys Wu about ways to filter your news, engage your audience and where the professional side of journalism is going.