The Tale of Two Faucets

12 07 2007

Today’s plenary lecture was “Charles Dickens and the idea of evidence.” It really made me realize just how little of Dickens I’ve read. He’s on the top of my list when I get home now. The content was quite interesting, as I had never realized just how much large the British legal system figured into Dickens’ writings until now. I got lunch today over in Cat’s dining hall. For lunch we had to pay, but compared to other offerings outside of the school, it was very very inexpensive. A full meal and drink was under 3 pounds.

After another fascinating novel class (this one covered The Untouchable, a story based on the life of one of Briton’s famous traitors) which left me in a good mood, I headed out back to Cat’s. I ended up meeting with a student from Florida, and one from Canada. We headed out, first around the corner from Cat’s where, hidden between two buildings beyond these two very traditional red phone boxes, was a small blue-door shop for Cambridge students with some very good prices.

After that we walked around some areas I had not been in before. Below are some nice photos.

After dinner, it was back to the Bard. I did make a discovery though. In my bathroom (in fact in most of the bathrooms I’ve been in since jumping the puddle) there are two faucets. I’ve been darting my hand back and forth from hot faucet to cold when I wash my hands. I figured it out; I’m supposed to plug the drain, fill the sink, and wash my hands that way. Learn something new every day eh?

Finished off another play and a half. Also, picked out my question from the list for my essay. I’m going to look at Shakespeare’s use of nature to express human characteristics. Fun stuff eh?