Twitter Updates for 2011-03-01

1 03 2011
  • Errr… Twitter is acting up. Can't load any profiles on the site. Odd. #
  • I'm looking for a tool that will automatically archive tweets by account or search and maintain links back to the original tweets. #
  • @cyberdad Only grabs those with links tho. I want one that grabs all those with a specific hashtag. I have things that archive them but… #
  • @cyberdad …They don't provide links back to the original. #
  • Rachel Maddow Seizes Her Moment at Post-Keith Olbermann MSNBC #
  • Looking to build yourself a personal brand? Here's a few tips on what composes a brand and how to make it yours – #
  • Back Up Your Inbox Today to Avoid Losing E-Mail Tomorrow #
  • Gmail Glitch Seemingly Wipes Everything from 150,000 Accounts (So Back Yours Up Already) #
  • Portal 2 Achievement invites Half-Life 2: Ep 3 conspiracy theory #
  • Ebook readers' bill of rights #
  • 9 Apps To Make You Super Productive on Windows, Mac & Linux #
  • “Like,” “share,” and “recommend”: How the warring verbs of social media will influence the news’ future #
  • Chomp May Have Just Solved The Nightmare That Is Android App Search #
  • Facebook To Share Users' Home Addresses, Phone Numbers With External Sites #
  • Joe Scarborough bashes Beck: 'losing it before our eyes' via @huffingtonpost #
  • Report: It Takes 10 Years To Read 24 Hours Worth Of Tweets via @huffingtonpost #

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