Twitter Updates for 2011-03-04

4 03 2011
  • Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn't Work #
  • Links 3-3-11: Facebook still owns you, iPad 2, Bing beats Yahoo, Twitter hacking at TED – #
  • @reasaurus Thanks 🙂 #
  • Having a bad time with e-mail this week. I think I will be able to catch up over the weekend. #
  • Wrap-up: iPad 2 news, Facebook does good and bad, Bing overtakes Yahoo in users, malware everywhere, and more… #
  • Discovering the form of interactive narratives – #
  • finished The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross #Kindle #
  • One of the best parts of the Kindle is pre-ordering books, forgetting about it+having them magically and unexpectedly appear on my device. #
  • I liked a YouTube video — 150 Movie Lines & Catch-Phrases #
  • Brainstorming ways that story arcs can find use beyond episodic TV or graphic novels – #
  • @eric_andersen Waiiit… did they say that they were considering a woman to play Julian Assange? That's a little odd… #
  • @feedly Just did an update, then uninstalled and updated. It still will not share on Google Reader without text in the box. 🙁 #
  • Fear of flying — Why the iPad 2 isn’t even better #
  • Warning: Seventy-Two Percent of Grocery Carts Have Fecal Matter on Them #
  • March Madness to stream to the iPad and iPhone for free #
  • The Age Of Relevance #
  • Bungie's next game is 'massively multiplayer' #
  • @feedly Thank you! IMO: It would also be great if that button was back on the left. It is the number 1 way I interact with Feedly. #
  • @kevinloker That site's theming on comments is awesome. #

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