Twitter Updates for 2011-03-13

13 03 2011
  • On my way to run my first workshop at #cmanyc11 #
  • I'm at Metro North – Larchmont Train Station (1 Railroad Way, at Chatsworth Ave, Larchmont) #
  • Setting up for my #cmanyc11 presentation on Social Media – #
  • @cdigang And that is why I was never a sports reporter. I can tell you about points in SEO though 😛 #
  • @cdigang Hey, I'm all for it 🙂 Though somehow I managed to tweet at you from the wrong account >.< #
  • Tried out the Nintendo 3DS at a demo in Grand Central station. The 3D worked. Crazy. #
  • On the Media: NPR video takedown highlights a disturbing news trend #
  • "We are your youth and we have something to say" Students protest vote to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding. #
  • @marielianne I was able to choose a depth and focus level so it wasn't hard to look at, I felt weird after I stopped using it though. #
  • Redoing SEO presentation for tomorrow and realized that, for some reason, Google's algorithm changes had moved my blog from page 1 to 12. #

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